Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catch Up Time

I have been slack about blogging the last couple weeks. Not that I have not been riding my bikes, just doing other things.

Since the last post, I had been riding the Wabash Trace and paved trails in Council Bluffs. After the nasty month of October, we got some decent weather in November. My favorite section of the Wabash Trace is from Silver City to Malvern. That's a easy 17 miles r/t. Many times I ride on to Mahr Road make the ride 20 miles. If really energetic, I got the While Cloud - making the trip just over 25 miles.

However, before my trip to Wisconsin, rode a lot on the Council Bluffs trail system. Here, I can log some miles on the hybrid. Of course, I have to check out the construction at Playland Park and Big Lake Park.

A week ago, I hit the 3200 mile mark. Thats 1000 miles over last year's total.

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