Sunday, March 20, 2011


Getting close to riding season in the heartland. Friday I took the road bike out for its first ride of the year. Felt good (though a bit different as had been riding the hybrid).

Yesterday was the day to ride dirt. The first ride ride of the year at area. Over the winter I tried to ride Manawa in the snow - but it was just to crusty. I started seeing reports of the area dirt trails were opening. Even one report that Lake Manawa trail was rideable.

Since it was a windy day (way too much wind for a ride out in the open), I opted to ride Manawa. I started out with West Sidewinder - generally the driest trail. I could see that others have been riding here. Trail is in good shape - enough traffic to smooth the bumps.

Stopped in the parking lot to visit with a CB Police Officer (a mountain biker). Gave him a trail report. Then on over to the East side. The trail was dry through Riverfront Real Estate. The double track from there to Fast Track was soft. Not damaging the trail, but sure have to work at pedaling!

Fast Track was mostly dry (surprisingly). Tony's playground was is in good shape. Some minor reroutes from downed trees. The "four-log" FFT was completely removed (likely by trail crew - it was moved with high water).

On to Longs Landing. Here I faced the wind that was kicking up. A large downed tree has been removed and features a THOR advertisement. Trail Leader had said there was lots of work done to clear trees out there - sure was the case. A minor re-route at the gravel road.

In many open sections of the trails, I notice there are several places the "singletrack' is almost at 4-lane highway. Now, with the floods the last 2 years, parts of the trail our not that visible. But - the trails is singletrack. Please ride ONE track. (photo above)

On the back side of Fast Track over to No Second Chance, there is mud just before the double track connector (lower photo). The ditch just past there is also very soft - most are riding the grass over the the levee and back.

The ditch at the black pipe is soft. As is the trail just past the pipe. There again, the trails is not defined from numerous riders.

By the time I was back to the car, my legs were too tired to ride Woodchopper. i would expect it would be in the same condition.

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