Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Busy Saturday

Saturday during the reunion is always a busy day. This year it was no exception. The day starts with the fishing tournament.

I did not go out to take photos there (take too much time out of my day). I took a couple group shots before they left the hotel. Paulette furnished he photos for publication in the newsletter and the web site.

Once the temperature raised a bit, I headed out for a short bicycle ride. Rode the paved, Lakeshore Trail at Table Rock State Park. Had a nice ride on the road bike and shot a lot of photos.

Was just back in time for the group meeting. Had to decide where the reunion will be held next year. Drum roll --- Las Vegas.

The day ended with our reunion banquet. More photo work - photos of each vets and their spouse/family. A little time in the hospitality room and I was ready for bed.

For readers of my blog that wonder - I did not take part in the tournaments. I just took photos. Maybe next year I will organize a group bike ride...

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