Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check the Trails

Sunday it was farewell breakfast, load the car, and the boring drive home. I was able to see from I-29 some of the devastation caused by the flood. I was back home about 4:30 pm. Monday was re-supple, laundry, and recover.

Tuesday, I was ready for another bike ride on familiar bike trails. Wanted to see the conditions at Lake Manawa and behind the Trails Center. In the photo here, you can see that depth of the silt that was washed into the area. On my facebook page, there are other photos. The ground contour has changes in some areas as the silt was deposited by the water.

Behind the Trails Center, the water is SLOWLY receding, It will be a mess to clean up once the water is gone. In addition to the silt and debris, there are many trees toppled over the trail.

Great ride before the weather turned on Wednesday. Stopped at the bike shop on my way home. Had a nice chat with Zach.

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