Wednesday, March 14, 2012

May in March

The thermometer reach 81 yesterday in Omaha! A record (I believe) for March 13. It was a great day on the bike, and lots of folks taking advantage of the weather.

After Tuesday coffee, I met Zach at Xtreme Wheels. Time to convert the hardtail (Trek 4300) again - removed studded tires and platform pedals. Getting the bike ready for a season of riding Wabash Trace. Made plans for lunch tomorrow.

Back home to get ready for my ride. Was great to be kitting for a bike ride wearing bibs shorts and short sleeve jersey! Sunny day, with a breeze out of the SSE. decided on the road bike for today's ride.

When i got the the Wabash Trace Trailhead Park, I saw Dennis there. Was gonna be his first ride of the season. We started off together along E. South Omaha Bridge Rd (Lake Manawa Trail). His destination was the Indian Creek Bridge; My destination was the Western Historic Trails Center (or further).

It stopped for some water at 2 miles. Dennis did not catch me up (being his first ride if the the season, he said not to wait for him). Stopped again at Indian Creek bridge for my normal water stop. From there it was flying down the trail with the tail wind.

Decided to ride on over the levee to check the trail conditions (and add some distance of the ride). Ran across Art and John (?). Last time I met Art (I thought his name was Wes) on the trail, he was riding with Mike. (See Bike Riding Weather - Feb 22)

After a nice visit, I rode on the levee to I-80. Today's photo was taken in the river side of the levee. It shows the destruction done to the trees during last summer's floods.

A stop in at the Trails Center to visit and wish Dewey a belated "Happy Birthday". It was back on the trail heading to the car. Wind was picking up, so decided riding Veteran's Memorial Trail (instead of Indian Creek Trail) back to Lake Manawa. It was still rough riding the section in the opens and a strong head wind. The reward was the last 2 miles. The wind almost blew me back to the car -- very little

Good 17 mile ride.

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