Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring on the Wabash Trace

Almost perfect weekend for biking. Yesterday I rode the road bike from Wabash Trace trailhead to Western Historic Trails Center (and back). Wanted to get a couple miles to top over 14,000 miles since I started cycling in July 2005. Mission Accomplished.

Today was a beautiful Spring day for a ride on the Wabash Trace. It was the first ride on the Trace this year. Sunny, slight breeze from the South, and pushing 80 degrees. Yes, 80 degrees in late March!

Was good to get off the pavement and ride the hardtail (Trek 4300). Been a while since I rode that bike. It was outfitted with platform pedals and studded tires for the winter. That was not needed with my winter trips and the mild winter.

Headed south from Silver City. Rode as far as Silver Creek Bridge. By the time I was there, I could feel that my legs might rebel because of the fat, knobby tires and softer trail surface. Add to that this was the third ride in a row. Think they need a day off.

First think I noticed that there has been horses down the trail. They are not supposed to be on that section of the Trace. (Only allowed on the dirt trail that parallels the old railroad bed and then between CB and Mineola). Another rider I met said the horses cam down the trail about 3 weeks ago.

The trail is mostly clear except for branches partially out into the trail surface. The rider I talked with also mentioned to me that the mile marked 393 had been pulled out and dropped on the other side of the trail. Others had reset the sign (including concrete) into the hole left there. Can't understand why folks would such vandalism.

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