Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top Ten Weather Ride

First, this photo was actually taken yesterday.  The weather was about the same and I did not take any photos today.  Photo was taken on Lake Manawa Trail about 1/4 mile West of the Nature Trail parking lot.

Yesterday I did not complete my ride.  The rear tire kept losing air.  Not sure if it was just the stem valve seating or perhaps a pinch-flat.  Seems it was just the valve, but by the time it was checked out, it was a bit too late (and too busy) to ride.  Planned to take up for it today.

Loaded the bike on the car before heading to computer coffee at Panera.  Dressed in my cycling kit under a sweatshirt and cargo shorts.  Ready to ride after coffee.  It was a little after 9am when I got to the Nature Trail parking lot. 

Felt pretty good heading out for the bike ride.  The last few days I had not been eating snacks/junk food.  Yesterday had a good meal at Village Inn (and a free slice of triple berry pie).  As I crossed the Indian Creek bridge, I decided to keep on up the trail and do the loop around Lake Manawa.

As it turned out, I felt so good that I rode the whole 7 mile loop without stopping.  Most of the speed was about 8-9 mph with some sprints of 10-11.  Damned, if felt good.  But, when I got back to the car, I had to lean against to the car to dismount the bike.  Needed a good nap when I got back.

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