Saturday, January 31, 2015

Joshua Tree National Park

When I stuck my head out of the room Friday morning, ! found it a little cool and wet morning.  Drizzling rain and in about the 50s.  Went to the hotel office for coffee & sweet roll. Obvious, this will not a good day for a bike ride.Coming from Iowa, it still felt it was shorts weather.

Made plans to drive to Joshua Tree National Park.  On the way there,  stopped in a state visitor's center.  Picked up some more information about the park and the area.  On up the park visitor's center in the town of Joshua Tree. More local info and a couple purchases.

No food, drink, or serves were available in the park.  Stopped at a little store for some Gatorade and candy so I could make it through the day.

Started my driving tour of the park.  Up at the park, the weather had turned worse.  Temperature was in the 40s (higher altitude), and periods of a heavier drizzle.  Wet ground, rain, and cold was not conducive for a hike - even a short one.  Took most of my photos near the car.

Word is that there is a great view at the Keys View.  I did not walk up to the top view area - too cool, damp, and windy.

Decided to exit the park from the Cottonwood entrance - at I-10.  On the way through the park, besides many Joshua Trees, there were various species of succulents,  Most interesting was the garden of Cholla Cactus.  Interesting that so many of these plants had established themselves in just in this area. 

Boring drive along I-10 getting back to Palm Springs.  When I got back in the room, I showered and started processing photos taken at the park.

An Iowa friends (vacationing in Idyllwild0 called me, confirming meeting up there. Met a friend in Palm Springs.  We visited and went out for some food at Carrows, a local restaurant..  Called it a day about 8pm.

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