Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tranquility Tantrum Races

Sunday saw the Pyscowpath trail running and mountain bike races.  The races were originally scheduled for Saturday, but postponed due to weather and trail conditions.

Trail runners from GOATZ (Greater Omaha Area Trail Runnerz) took to the 9+ mile singletrack at Tranquility Park.  "Photo Finish" here as two runners sprint to the finish line to claim first and second places.

At Noon, the bicycles took to the trail.  First in the starting line were riders for the Marathon category.  These folks were making as many laps they can withing the 4 hours race time limit.  The second wave were the the Category 3 mountain bikers.  Finally, the Junior field were in the singletrack for a shortened lap.  The Junior field included a team from the Vikings of Omaha North High School.

Riders for the second group of starting times were scheduled for 2pm.  First of the starting line were the Category 1 rides.  Following were the Cat 2 riders. It heard there was a kids race, but I had enough fun for the time and left the park about 2:30PM.

Photos I took during the races are posted on my race and events web site:  http://win-photo.photoreflect.com

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