Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lake Manawa Trail Closure - Update

Today was billed to be a "Top Ten Day" regarding the weather.  The day lived up to its billing.

Was in the 40s at 6am when I got to Panera Bread for coffee.  Did some computer work and visiting over coffee and a bagel until 9am.  Did some more computer work until near noon.  By then the temperature was in the 60s and I wanted to ride one of my bicycles. 

Headed to Lake Manawa State Park to ride the paved trail loop around the lake.  Parking at the Nature Trail lot, I saw this sign.  Note: The sign says the trail in the area of I-29 will be closed until August 1.  These signs HAD said closed until APRIL 1.  Guess it was a April Fool joke for us that like the trail.

Had a great bike ride.  Logged in 7.1 miles.  No speed records, but happy with the 7.9 mph average.  Full sun, light wind (about 5 mph from the South), and temperature in the 70s.  Gave the ride a grade of "A".

After finishing my ride, I went to Panera.  It was a perfect day to use my free reward for a free "Pick 2".  Had my free lunch of 1/2 ham & Swiss sandwich, 1/2 blow of Caesar salad, and bad of chips.  Stopped by the bike shop while in town.

Exhausted from the bike ride.  Hope I can stay awake to watch this evenings episode of Ken Burn's film on cancer.  Slept through most of last night's episode.

OH, one last thing, it was 10 years ago today that I was released from the hospital after my heart valve replacement.  Yesterday, my cardiologist gave me a good report - see him in another 6 months.

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