Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zoo at the Zoo

Yesterday was a record breaking day in Omaha.  Temperature shattered the day-time high, setting a new high of 88 deg.  It also was sunny and very windy.  Not a good morning for a bike ride, so went to the zoo.

I arrived shortly after the gates opened at 9am.  Went over to the jungle and shot some photos.  From there, walked over to the desert dome.  It was already starting to get crowded in the dome. 

My rant:  The folks with wagons and strollers (some double-wides) that block the isles.  The families that "need" to walk side-by-side filling the isle.  Parking a stroller across the isle.  No common sense. 

After 1 1/2 hour, I had enough.  Was getting a headache.  The photo here shows people waiting  to purchase tickets and those waiting to show their passes.  It looks like that the zoo did not anticipate the huge crowd.  I was surprised, too.  Asked a CB teacher if there was some school "holiday", seeing all of the school-aged kids at the zoo. 

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