Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grade A Bicycle Ride

Temperature in the 60s, light breeze from the SE, and bright sun - I will call it a Top Ten day, specially for mid March.  Had to get out for a bicycle ride.

Parked the car at the Western Historic Trails Center.  Rode my hybrid bike North on the Iowa River Trail.  At Ameristar Casoo, I saw the "B" Bicycle Station along the trail.  Think this is a great location as besides the Casino and its hotel, there are two other hotels on the property. 

Continued along the trail to Harrah's Casino.  Big gaping hole along the river where the river boat used to tie up.  Short of 5 miles from the Trails Center, I decided to turn back.  Could not sure when the Trails Center closed - did not to be locked into the parking lot. 

On the way back, I dropped down to along the river at the River's Edge Park.  Shot a couple photos of the "Bob Bridge" and the sculpture at the park.

Warmed up some food, re-hydrated with water and Gatorade.  Processed my photos and posted a couple photos to Facebook.  Now, with the blog posting written, its NAP TIME!

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