Saturday, October 17, 2015

Loess Hills Tour

Sunny, though a little chilly, morning today.  Loaded the camera equipment in the car when headed into town for Saturday breakfast.  After breakfast, I was a little tired, but decided to head the car North towards Harrison and Monona Couties.

Stopped at the Harrison County Visitor's Center.  Picked up the Loess Hills travel guide.  From there, North to Pisgah.  Drove the Fountainblue loop (see photo).  Checked out Preservation Canyon State Park. 

Back a Pisgah, drove the scenic byway to the Preservation Loop. Took that loop to Turin, IA.  By this time, I knew I was not going to see very much color in the leaves.  Some leaves were off the trees, most had not turned yet.  Maybe another week.  Did get several photos of old, abandoned (or nearly abandoned) barns.

Headed toward home.  Crops are about half harvested in this part of the state.  Lots of equipment in the fields in the afternoon. Was tired by the time I got groceries out of the car and into the house.  Did a little computer work and crashed to bed.

This evening, received a call from my Aunt Audrey.   My mom is in the hospital.  Fell in the afternoon, broke/cracked 3/4 ribs.  She's going to keep me advised. 

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