Monday, September 21, 2015

Kenosha Harbor Bike Ride

Was planning to ride my bike along the Harbor Sunday with a cousin.  I was just too fried from the reunion festivities.  Went out for breakfast with my mom.  Rested in the hotel room.  In the evening, I went over to the Brat Stop for a couple pints of beer and a brat.

While at the Brat Stop, I picked up a Packer/Brat Stop t-shirt.  The clerk checking out my purchase asked if I was/is in the military.  She gave me a 10% discount because of my Army service.

From my bike ride, went to Mom's apartment.  We went to DeRango's Pizza for an early dinner. I ordered a bottle of Fat Tire and cheeseburger with fries.  Mom ordered diet coke and french dip.  Drinks came quickly but it too forever to get out food.  Well over 1/2 hour waiting for our food.  I do not recommend this establishment.

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