Saturday, September 5, 2015

La Crosse - Day 1

Had a great day in La Crosse.  Was not sure how things would turn out since my legs were still complaining from the climb to the tunnel on the Elroy-Sparta Trail.

Started the day with a waffle. coffee, and apple juice at the motel.  Looks like there was some light rain on the car and the sky was overcast.  Anyway, this was my day for a bike ride so figured to make the best of it.

Plan was to ride the Great River State Trail.  After some false starts to find a trailhead, I headed down the trail.  Rode South from County Z.  From the maps, its looked like this area would afford some nice views of the river (and Lake Onalsaka.  But, this was not the case.  On the sides of the trail was covered with trees and brush.  Checked the trail North from Countu Z - trees with a section of prairie restoration.  Lots of joggers out on this section of the trail.  Several cyclists, by more joggers.

After a 5 mile ride on the Great River State Trail, I drove North to find the Lytles Landing trailhead.  On the way back from that trailhead, I came across the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge.  The refuge had paved bicycle trails and dirt walking/hiking trails.  Rode my bike from the parking lot near the river through the prairie and over to the headquarters building.

Back at the room, I processed the morning photos, watched some TV and rested.  Soon, it was time for dinner.  Was planning to sample the cuisine at Stolpa's Stein Haus.  Thanks to Steve for my first stein of beer.  Ended up with 2 steins of Hofbrau Dunkel - a German beer.  It was the closest they had for an Amber Ale.

Had a nice conversation with Steve.  He had 2 uncles that served in Viet Nam, one of them being in the SeaBees.  Very friendly place.  A another customer couple thought I might be a food critic since I shot a photo of my food.  Told them about my trips and trying to sample the local cuisine. Gave them and Steve's the link to my web site.

Ordered a "Stein Haus" Brat for dinner.  Still hungry, I order another brat and stein of the same beer.  Would have liked to have a local beer, but once in a while have to check out the European brews.  It was then time to head to the motel.  Made a look around the pub to get a photo of the place.  Steve was just leaving the place.

Topped off the day with a Heath Blizzard.  Was a great day in La Crosse.  Have to see what I can schedule tomorrow.

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