Friday, September 4, 2015

Coon Valley to La Crosse

Slept in a little this morning.  Legs (hell my whole body) were complaining from yesterday's bike ride.  Breakfast with Peg & Gerry and Kay & John.  Loaded up my bags, took a couple photos and off towards La Crosse and the bicycle festival.

Little detour to drive up to Ganddad Bluff.  Took a few photos. nice view of La Crosse from that location.

Down to the river to stop in the Visitor's Center pick up area information.  After that, it was time to check into my lodging.  registered for the bike festival (on line) Tried to nap, but no go.  Grabbed the camera and drove downtown to find the park where the festival activities were scheduled. 

From there 2 more blocks to Bodega Brew Pub.  Had a ham and cheddar sandwich with kettle chips. Washed it down with a pint of Surly Scottish Ale.  This was a nice, mellow dark amber all.  Surly is a Minneapolis craft brewery.

Ended the day with a DQ Heath Blizzard.  With the heat and humidity (it has rained in town while registering for the festival) the ice cream hit the spot.  In for the night, need to spend some time deciding activities for the next couple days.

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