Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day in Decorah

Knew it was going to be a hot and humid day.  After my morning shower, I dressed in my cycling kit before breakfast.  After motel breakfast of biscuit & gravy, I was ready for bike ride.

Did good selecting my lodging - just 2 blocks down the street to the Trout Run Trail.  Started riding clockwise, riding as far as the fish hatchery, just short of milepost 5.  Took me just past where the Decorah eagles are nesting.  This section of the trail is pretty level and easy.  Another mile and the hills start.  Not ready for heavy climbing so turned back to my starting point.

When I got back, i still had legs left and feeling good.  rode further almost to milepost 1.  At this point, the trail is down between the levee and the river.  Decided to turn around and get back to the motel.  Good timing.  I was getting tired and did not bring water/Gatorade with me.  Stopped at the convenience store at the highway and started refreshing my electrolytes.  The last 2 block gentle climb to the car was rough.  Bike computer was not registering, so not sure just how fat I rode.  Guessing it at 7-8 miles.

Stowed the bike in the room, started processing photos from the ride.  Second shower of the morning and crashed on the bed.

Afternoon was for playing "tourist".  Drove to the fish hatchery.  Put the big lens on my camera, so it I could find the eagle nest,  I am pretty sure I was successful (see lower photo).

From there, i was scouting the trail - wondering if i should try riding other sections tomorrow morning.  On to the North side of town to check out the waterfall in Dunning's Spring Park.  Beautiful place.  Back to the room to process photos for afternoon nap before dinner.

At the convenience store just down from the motel, the suggested food at the Stone Hearth Inn (next door to my motel).  I was thinking of eating downtown at T Bock's Sports Bar & Grill.  Both had local beers on tap.  Stone Hearth being next door to the motel won the day.

Had a pint of Toppling Goliath Tsunami American Pale Ale.  It was the best of the local beers for the area.  Chowed down with an Iowa breaded port tenderloin (the kind the is about 3 times the bun size).  Topped off dinner with ice cream with chocolate syrup. 

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