Monday, September 21, 2015

50th High School Reunion

This was my reason for driving to Kenosha County, WI.  Normally, I would be attending my army unit reunion, but 50 year high school reunion took precedence.

The reunion was held in the pavilion at Jeddy's Bar in Brighton, WI.  Its is a nice facility for the size of our group.  I was one of the first classmates to arrive and a couple of the last to leave.  Was an good way to spend 5 hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Good food, unfortunately they did not have a craft beers on tap.

Had to take a couple "Tylenol" to calm the brain from the noise.  I was exhausted and my speech was gone by the time I got to my hotel room.  Crashed into be early.  Great day.  Great to see and visit with so many of my classmates.

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