Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Awesome Ride

Awesome ride this afternoon! I was not sure how well I would ride today. Attended a Ham Radio Flea Market in the morning. Was thinking of dropping by Swanson Park for the last cyclo-cross race.

Instead I headed home, changed clothes, put the trail bike on the car rack, grabbed my gear, and headed over to the Manawa singletrack. After the warm-up on Sidewinders, I felt that I would have a good ride.

Headed into Woodchopper for a lap or two. As nearing the end of lap one, I looked at my computer and saw my speed in E Sidewinders was over 12 mph! I decided to ride the warm-up and 2 full laps to see what my average speed. That has been my new benchmark ride.

Over the last couple weeks, my ride of 10-12.5 miles were at 7.9 - 8.5 mph. The last ride was over 14 miles. I felt that today's ride will clock much faster. That was verified several times when I looked at the computer to see my speed. I am really getting to love riding my Fuel EX7.

All said and done, 14 miles at 9.0 mph, beating my previous speed by .5 mph!

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