Monday, February 16, 2009

A Hat Trick

Three snow rides at Lake Manawa in as many days! Had to take advantage of the new snow and nice weather.

Yesterday was the best riding conditions. Martin and I were both out riding at Manawa. He stopped, checked my tires and let more air out of my tires. That made a BIG different - much better handling. Checked the pressure when I finished - about 23#.

Martin blazed the trail around Long's Loop. My lap was the 2nd or 3rd track. That did my legs in - still got in over 8 miles.

Back today for more. I just could not get my groove. Lots of problems staying on the trail. I was steering like I was new to riding! Still got in over 5 miles. The trail is starting to show bare ground and icing over from packing.

I was not the only one on the trail - a four legged trail user.

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