Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slugging Through the Snow

The Omaha/Council Bluffs got some 5-8" of snow yesterday. Many of us have been getting singletrack withdrawal. So, it was time to head to Lake Manawa Mountain Bike Trails!

Was a little chilly this morning when I headed out for breakfast. By the time I got to the trail (about 10am) is was a sunny 15 degrees. There were 2 other riders out this morning before I arrived - so I was not blazing new trails.

Dan, Martin & Ryan joined in the ride (actually, Dan was the first one to call the ride & time). They headed out as I also took to the trail (much slower). When I got over to the East side, I was the first rider on one trail.

When blazing new trail, and when being the 3rd rider after the new snow, it was slow going. Granny gear to slug though most of the way. By the time we finished, we have a pretty good track packed.

I brought the hardtail (my "ice bike") with the studded tires. Did not need the studs for this ride. Could have used the disc brakes of the Fuel EX. Think I will bring that bike tomorrow.

My body and mind lasted about 1 1/2 hour, 6 miles. That was enough for today - but ready to ride again here tomorrow!

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