Thursday, November 4, 2010

Manawa Mostly Rideable

Last night 9 guys tackled the trails at Lake Manawa. Zach (Xtreme Wheels) had contacted about a trail evening to get the trails in shape for winter (Snow Rides!). With Zach's friends and a couple other workers (Trail Leader Steve counted a total of 9), a large section of the trails were cleared.

The river level is continuing to drop. We were able to get out and clear fallen trees, branches, and floated debris. In Tony's Playground, the flood floated the teeter totters up to a different location. The top photo from yesterday is a group of the crew carrying one of the teeter totters back to its location.

During the trail work session, the trail crew checked Riverfront Real Estate and Fast Track. No Second Chance was cleat\red. In addition to resetting the teeter totters, the trail was cleared. A deadfall was cut on Long's Landing. Finally, the return trails from Long's Landing to East Sidewinder were cleared (East Sidewinder itself has not been cleared).

Before the trail work started, I had time to head out to Woodchopper. Much of that trail (at least the out portion) is dry enough allowing to work on the trail. There is still some standing water and soft mud out in the center.

Of course, West Sidewinder is clear since we used that loop during the THOR Family Day.

When rode back to the parking lot after trail work, I was treated to a beautiful sunset. A shot of last nights sunset over the Missouri River is the lower photo.

Some of the guys headed back on the trails with lights for a night ride. I had the light along, but was just too tired.

For those that want to ride Manawa, be careful with the ditch just after the big log crossing and armored section - it is washed deep and needs benching (plans done to do that this Saturday).

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