Monday, November 1, 2010

Manawa & Western Historic Trails

During my ride this afternoon, I went over the the Lake Manawa Mountain Bike trails. The water continues to drop. Visited with a couple guys that had just loaded their bikes. They told me that the West side (Woodchopper) still has standing water.

The two guys told me that most of the rest of the trail is rideable - just needs cleaning up, and some trees that need to be cut out. Guess with one tree, they moved deadfalls and created a log crossing. That's what is going to happen when the trail crew does not get out to take care of the trail problems.

From Manawa, I headed West - rode Veteran's Memorial trail to the Motel near S. Omaha Bridge. There is still that one block of trail that needs to have finish grading and paving.

At the Western Historic Trails Center, the construction company is working on the grading in preparation for paving. If the keep at it, they should have this done in the next couple weeks. The photo here is the preparations being made just out of the Trails Center.

The Trails Center has changed it hours of operation. November through to mid March, the building will be closed on Mondays. Be aware that the Trails Center will also be closed on State holidays. I understand this is a cost cutting move.

Rode on up the Iowa Riverfront Trail, dropped down on N. 15th St and into downtown Council Bluffs. Stopped at Xtreme Wheels to talk with Zack about the trail work we are planning for Wednesday evening.

Was thinking of riding the long way (down Indian Creek Trail) bach to the Wabash Trace Trailhead, it is was getting a little cool. The sun was bright when I headed out for my ride. Later in the afternoon, the thin clouds started filtering the sunshine.

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