Monday, February 17, 2014

Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer

During my visit to Las Cruces, New Mexico I stayed with an Army friend and his wife.  They had a Keurig coffee maker.  Talked with them about the maker and the advantages and the shortfalls of the system.

On the negative side, the maker is a bit pricey.  I bought the K-Cup 665 at Sam's Club for $130.  A lot of money to brew a cup or two of coffee.  Also, I was concerned about the cost of the coffee packets.  Does not seem to be economical way to buy coffee.

At this time, I may brew a pot of coffee up to 3 dyas a week.  The other days, I am out for breakfast or the local coffee shop to use wi-fi and conversation.  When I brew a pot of coffee, about half of it sits in the pot until I dump it out and make a fresh pot 2 days later.

The K-Cup system was looking interesting.  Just needed to look at the cost of the coffee supplies. A normal sized can of coffee lasts me a long time. So much that I wonder if its losing its flavor in the fridge.  Depending on where you purchase you K-Cup coffee inserts, they run between $0.50 and $0.75 each.  The maker also has an insert there you can use your own bulk (canned) coffee.

Looking at the cost, it compares favorably versus the cost of my coffee at Panera Bread.  Those 3 days when I do not go out for coffee, I also save the cost of gas to run into town.  The Jimmy Dean's breakfast sandwich at home is a wash compared to a bagel at the bakery.

The brewer comes with a selection of different coffee.  Most my brewer came with boxes of 12 Green Mountain Nantucket Blend, Newman's Own Original. and a variety pack.  This morning I frost tried the Nantucket Blend (not impressed - pretty bland) and Newman's Own (more traditional flavor).  Neither beats the Panera Hazelnut coffee that I prefer.

With registration of the brewer, I can get 2  boxes of 22-24 packs free with the purchase of another 2 boxes including free shipping.  The boxes list at about $15.  Seems to be a good way to sample more of the many coffees packaged for the K-Cup brewing system.  Thee are a couple of hazelnut blends and a Kahlua blend I am interested in trying.

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