Sunday, February 23, 2014

Replacing the Desktop Compter

Thursday was an expensive day for me.  Was happy to beat the storm, home from coffee.  But, late in the morning, the problems started.  Power outage from ice/snow/wind.

Power was out for just over 2 hours.  When I had restored, I went to restart the main (desktop) computer.  It was dead.  Appeared the power supply was toast.

Took the computer off the desk and moved it to the bench.  Found my computer power supply tester.  It showed that the -5v supply was bad.  Alas, I had a spare power supply in the box.  Installed it one the computer.

Not so fast - the power supply did not have enough SATA drive connectors.  Time to drive into town to Best Buy to pick up adapters for the supply or a new supply with the right number of connectors.  Store does not have the adapters, so bough a new power supply.

Installed the new power supply but that did not correct the problem.  Looking like the Mobo was also toast.  When a new Mobo & processor are required, might as well buy a new computer.  Best Buy in Council Bluffs had a comp ter close to what I needed.  Picked up the new Lenovo IdeaCentre K450 Desktop with 8GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive.

Thursday night was spent downloading and installing software (including lots of updates).  Thankfully, my satellite internet provider gives me free bandwidth between midnight and 5am local time. 

Friday, I ordered some more hardware for the new computer.  Adding a 3TB data drive and a Blue-Ray burner.  The rest of the weekend has been occupied by installing and configuring software, with a few breaks for sleep, breakfast, and coffee.

Still have some pieces of software to find and install.  Others are on hold as I get activation keys for updated, outdated software. 

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