Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back Home Again

Friday was spent reorganizing my luggage for the trip home.  Loaded the car and did final errands in Albuquerque Saturday.  Forgot all about the ham radio breakfast.  Ended up the stay with brew and food with my cousin, and some other friends.  Good times at Billy's Long Bar.

Watching the weather, it was obvious that the I would be taking the North route home.  lots of snow & ice storms on the South route - one-after-another.  Even the North route had some possible problems.  the problem area is northern New Mexico between Las Vagag and Raton.  If I went North on Sunday morning, there was a window between the storms.

Temperature was in the mid 20s when i loaded the bikes and last items into the car.  Had my waffle at the motel and headed North.  Clear skies until I neared Las Vegas.  Mostly cloudy (with periods of broken skies) until I was over Raton Pass.  At time it was trying to snow, but not getting its act together.  Pavement was clear, steaming from the sun and warmth the day before.

The photo here was taken at the scenic view area just over the top of Raton Pass on the Colorado side. 

Roads and skies were clear the rest of the trip. Temperature was below freezing all the way.  About Ft. Morgan, CO, I got my second wind.  Original plans were to spend the night between Denver and Nebraska.  Feeling good, I kept driving.  Soon, it was obvious that I cold finish the drive without stopping for the night. 

Turned into the driveway at home just before 1am CST.  It was was cold (about 4 deg) and i was tired.  I only made a couple trips into the house for necessities (a bag of clothes, cameras, laptop, and pills).  The rest was left until the morning and a little more warmer.

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