Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Purr-fect Bike Riding Weather

Yesterday was awesome bicycle riding weather.  When I kitted up, it was in the low 60s, sunny, very slight wind from the SE.  Was thinking of riding the road bike, but I have not checked it our for the season.  Settled on riding the hybrid.

The other day I was only able to ride 4 miles on the Trace, so did not want to over-do it.  Parked at the Lake Manawa Park Nature Trail.  Headed West on the Lake Manawa Trail toward Indian Creek Trail.  The photo here, was taken near the junction of Indian Creek and Lake Manawa Trails.

Was debating about wearing my light cycling jacket.  Ended up riding without it.  Was a little cool once or twice, but otherwise perfect temperture for a bicycle ride.

During my ride on Lake Manawa Trail, Zach (Xtreme Wheels) called with information about my heavy, slime tubes for this bike.  Glad I decided to ride the hybrid.  I could drop the bike off at the shop for one tube replace. Want to have the heavy,slime tubes on both tires for my Santa Fe trip.

My ride continued up Indian Creek to Veterans Memorial Trail.  Completing the loop around Lake Manawa.  Stopped to shoot a photo of the Lake Manawa State Park sign with annual Clean-up Day advertisement.

Quick stop at Panera Bread for a ham sandwich and apple for lunch when I get home.  Dropped the bike off at the bike shop.  Called it a day.

Off the bike for a couple days - drizzling rain and windy today into tomorrow.  Too nasty even to go to the Zoo.  Planning to check out the 1968 Exhibit at the Durham Museum tomorrow.

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