Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trace Season Opener


I had just been getting too out of shape.  Started backing off on food (munchies, mostly) for the last week or so.  Can feel the lower weight.  Now, with the weather getting better, need to get out on the bike.

Filter sunshine, bit humid, in the 70s as I kitted up for a bike ride late morning.  Friend John was looking to ride, too.  With the wind kicking up, I decided to ride the Wabash Trace South from Silver City.  Did not expect John to want to drive to Silver City to ride, but he did.

His wife brought him to the trailhead and we headed South.  Now, it has been too long time since I last rode the Trace.  Hell, a couple months since I last rode one of my bikes!.  I made it about 2 miles and decided it was time to head back and call it a ride.  John was planning to ride on North on the Trace to Council Bluffs. 

Was getting pretty warm (79 deg) when I got back to the Silver City trailhead.  Bid john a "good ride" and headed for home.  I need to get into shape for my trip - at least I got a start.  Thanks, John, for the ride and the encouragement.

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