Monday, September 15, 2014

A Sunday Ride

Had to get out for a bike ride yesterday afternoon.  It was a cool morning, upper 40s when I headed into town for coffee. 

It was near 3 pm when I headed out for a ride.  The hybrid is in the shop for tune-up, so aired up the tires of the road bike.

When I climbed on the saddle of the bike, I was surprised how much higher the ride seems to be from the hybrid.  I had not ridden the Rail for nearly a year.  As usual, the Rail seemed to push me for riding faster.  Had the bike up into 12 along the Lake Manawa Trail - had not done that in a while. 

I had parked at the Lake Manawa Nature Trail lot.  When I got to Indian Creek, I was debating to turn back or ride around the lake.  After a rest and slug of water, I headed up Indian Creek Trail for a loop around the lake. Stopped along the golf course to take this photo.  Had not noticed previously but someone had created a fallen soldier/MIA memorial in their front yard.

Finished up my 7 mile ride.  Was tired but felt good.  spent the rest of the afternoon and evening writing in my memoirs and selecting photos for them.

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