Monday, September 8, 2014

Son of a Sharecropper

As you have seen, I have been writing stories of my life - memoirs or autobiography or such.  At his time, "Son of a Sharecropper" is the working title.  At this time, I have the following chapters in the works or planned.

4-H - Head, Hands, Health, & Heart
AC Combine - First Air Conditioned Combine?
Army - Draft to deployment to Viet Nan
Dad as a Farmer - Progressive farmer - at the cutting edge of farming
Destined to be Engineer - Early days that steered me into electrical engineering
Dunbar - the family property in NE Wisconsin
EMD-GM - Highlights of the 30 1/2 years I worked for Electro-Motive Division of General Motors
Old Farm House.  Memories of the house I grew up in
Residences - Places and houses I have lived in.
School Daze - Elementary school, high school, and college
VFW - Membership in veteran's organizations
Viet Nam - My Army tour in Viet Nam
WA9LKD - My hobby of Amateur Radio
Health Problems - Stroke and heart valve replacement
Cycling and my Bicycles -
And, how could I not write about retirement!

Chapters of the autobiography will not follow a typical time line.  Instead, they will be highlight various subjects of my life.  The first chapter (and title chapter) will be used to time everything together.

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