Friday, November 4, 2016

On the Road Again

A cousin of fine offered a ride with him the the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas.  It had been several moths since I was on an over-night trip, nothing I had to do at home, I accepted the offer.

Was a long day - near 600 miles on the road.  Started from my house in Rio Rancho about 6am.  Stopped in Flagstaff, AZ for late breakfast.

Checked out Hoover Dam to look at the new visitor center.  I had been at the dam several times, and saw the new facilities in 2011, but did not go into the visitor's center.

I shot some stills and video during the drive,  Cousin Don shot some video, too, making a video record of the trip.  I also set up the GoPro camera on the dash.  Sill have to download that card to see what I got.  Don't use the camera much, and may not had captured much.

Got into out hotel (Palace Station) and unloaded the vehicle.  Met some of Don's pipe friends at Jack's Pub in the hotel.  Had a pint of been and ordered a burger & fries.  Service was poor.  Ordered burger MW, and it came MR.  Couldn't get the server to pay any attention to us.  By now, the smoke and noise was getting to much for me.  Don took care of the bill for me, I headed to the room for quiet and sleep.

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