Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sandwich at Local Brewhouse

I seemed to have a little cabin fever and decided to check out "The Local Brewhouse" for early Friday evening dinner.  It was a pretty busy place, more than I had seen other times.  Most of the bar stools were occupied.  I decided to sit at a table in the main part of the facility.

The place had only been open for about a year, it was good to see that they are making a good of it here. They do a good job on most of the food (I like their burgers and Philly Cheese-steak).  They usually end up having too many fries with the sandwich.  My favorite beer there is the "Local" Amber Ale. 

I like the food at this place.  Its about a mile from the house.  Not too far from the local VFW post.  The VFW post has $2.50 pints of Alaskan Amber Ale, but the post canteen allows smoking (being a private club). It's too smoky for me.

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