Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chama River Brewery

Today was the High Desert ARC Social "feed".  The 4th Saturday meal had been at breakfast.  Today, it was changed for variety as a lunch.  The locale was the Chama River Brewery, Near Pan American Highway & Jefferson in Albuquerque.

The brewery has a limited menu, typical pub fare.  Good food, decent selection, and reasonably priced.

I started with a pint of their Amber Ale.  Very tasting ale, not too "hoppy".  A pleasant beer.  My meal was their "Build Your Own Burger".  I splurged with cheddar, bacon, and fries.  Washed down a second pint of ale.

Was an enjoyable lunch for the 15 members and spouses that attended.  Thanks Marcie for arranging.

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