Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Makings of Danish Apple cake

I headed to my local Smith's Grocery Store for my fixings for my Danish Apple Cake.  I could find everything except for the Zweiback or Melba Toast.  Some folks at the store did not what I was talking about.  Found one of the eldery check-out person that could help me - but noting on the shelves.  Not even sure they make it anymore, I was told.

Over to the bakery - for unseasoned breadcrumbs. They were out and hoping to have a delivery later.  That did not happen.  So the next morning (day before Thanksgiving) check in at the local Walmart (hate to do business there).  They had and sold me a big bag of french bread breadcrumbs.

I have never used french breadcrumbs, but I was desirate.  It was that or I have to slice and dice a loaf or two of white bread.

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