Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back in the saddle

Eight days without a ride - ouch. Now 2 rides within 24 hours. I am exhausted.

Over the last week, the weather was just not with me. Lots of rain and wind. Last weekend the weather was good, I had gotten busy with other stuff.

Yesterday was NOT turning into a good day. After breakfast, I had car problems. The ignition switch is locked up - has happened 2 time before, 2 years apart. Means had to have the car towed. Stopped by at Xtreme Wheels. It was that day I needed to decide to order a new trail bike. Well, they had already ordered one - Trek Fuel EX7. Hope the bike is the ride for me.

I needed the Tuesday Evening Ride - any bike ride. Dennis rode with me. Headed out towards Manawa. Not sure why I was not riding well. Heart rate was high during the ride - and I was not riding that fast. Maybe I ate to much in the day, perhaps it was the 8 days off the bike. Rode the hybrid. Still was a good ride - how can you complain when it is 73 deg, sunny, very light wind, and you are on your bicycle!

Today was the first Wednesday Morning Ride (mountain/trail bikes). Now, I had problems sleeping - probably from the ride last night. But I wanted to get out to ride since the morning dawned clear and calm. Little cool but forecast for warm day. Wonders of wonders even Zach made it - isn't great to ride in the early morning?.

Blaine, Randy, Zach and I headed out from the bike shop. We rode the paved trail to the Lake Manawa mountain bike trail. Started on the West side, moved over to the East side. I was riding pretty good - heart rate was much lower than last evening. Layers started coming off as the temperature climbed.

Zach headed back, Randy, Blaine and I rode the West side again, then rode to the shop. Great morning ride. (Thanks for starting the ride, Randy).

If you want to join us for the weekly ride - show up at Xtreme Wheels ready to ride at 7am.

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