Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wrap it Up!

I was in town for breakfast. The weather was getting pretty nice, the ground is drying, and there's a new bike at Xtreme Wheels ready for me to ride. It didn't much time for me to change clothes, grab my gear, and head to the bike shop.

My goal was to make a test ride at Manawa. Then, if that goes well, over to Swanson Park.

I rode W Sidewinder to warm up and to get used to the bike on singletrack. That went well. I noticed that on sharp turns I have a tendency to over steer - nothing I can't overcome. Heading back into Woodchopper, I felt how the bike grabs the trail when climbing.

By the time I was on W Sidewinder again, I was in my groove - good lines. When I rode at the shop Thursday, I was worried about the higher ride/bottom bracket. When I ended my ride on W Sidewinder, my position on the bike felt natural.

So, over the Swanson Park. Lets see how it climbs, specially with all of the roots.

The bike dug in and climbed great - no problem with the roots. The only thing that limited my climbing was my physical conditioning - I need to get in better shape, working on it. Down the trail over the roots, "what roots?". The suspension did it's job, giving me a smooth ride.

When I got back to the shop, Blaine asked my how I liked the ride. My comment was "wrap it up" (I will take it).

We got the bike all decked out - new heart monitor, computer, seat pack, bottle cage, and spare tube. Photos for blogs before leaving the shop, then on the car rack for the trip to home.

I commented to Blaine and Bill, the Fuel EX7 really is a "trail" bike. It belongs in the dirt. I feel that it rides better on singletrack than on pavement.

Photos: Above - on Woodchopper. Right - all decked out at the shop.


POLOSCAB said...

Nice bike. That's a great choice for all around mountain biking. We got to get together and go for a ride soon. My oldest daughter wants to try her hand at mountain biking. I want to take her to manawa in the next couple of weeks. She has been riding some, so she should not be too slow. I'll have to let you know when and maybe you can meet us. It' fun to take people for their first dirt ride. By the way, that's the same bike as the president rides. You guys have so much in common, yuck yuck.

NaugaBike said...

Don't get me started on him. That's almost enough to sell the bike!

Any tome you and she want to ride, I am game. Now I have 3 bikes and a unicycle. The stable is growing :)

BLUEIF said...

Thank you for being such a great cyclist in the community. Have fun on the new steed!!

POLOSCAB said...

We probly won,t get out on the dirt until after Swanson. We were wanting to give a go last saturday, but she had to work the night before. I just ended up pulling my grandson around in the burley. Wecan chat about it at Swanson. I will be setting up the THOR booth with Tim at 9:00. I hope to see you there. By the way, Bush's bike is carbon and he crashes a lot more than you. May have hit his head some.