Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Dirt

Last night we got some light (very light, thank you) rain. Reports at breakfast said CB was about the same. What little rain we got dried off by noon, so decided it was time to do a longer ride on the new trail bike.

Was a pretty nice day at Manawa - all things considered; mid 50s, clear, variably winds. Made 2 full laps (my shortened laps) and 2 extra laps through W Sidewinder (warm-up and cool-down laps).

On my ride on Riverfront Real Estate, I found that large tree crossing has been damaged. Someone had purposely tore out the leading side of the crossing. I could not help of thinking that the damage was done my mushroom hunters - they were all over in the woods.

It was great back riding Fast Track. This was another test of the bike handling. The bike rode well.

My second lap was better - improved lines. Just about ending the ride through Fast Track, there was a pile of wood stacked right across the center of the trail. Now, the pile was not there on my first lap. Mushroom hunters again? But the pile looked purposely stack right over the trail. I have never see such wantonly interference with trail users here at Manawa.

The new bike now has logged over 11 miles. My speed was low - compared to end of the last season. 11.3 miles in 1:39. - no speed record. Some of that is conditioning, some is not able to ride as much (weather and trail conditions), and some was getting accustomed to the new bike.

All-in-all, a great day in the woods.

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