Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rides & Trail Work

Back on the trail Tuesday. I decided to fore go the Tuesday Evening Ride from the bike shop. Instead I rode dirt at Manawa. The trails are dry (except for 1 ditch), hard, and fast.

It felt that I was riding closely to the same as my hardtail. Good lines, increasing speed, etc. When I got the bike to the shop for Wednesday Morning Ride, I realized that the rear shock was locked! Now wonder it was riding like my 4300.

Wednesday dawned clear, crisp, and cool. A good morning for our ride. Riders: Randy, Greg, Zach and me. We did our normal ride from the shop to Lake Manawa, rode the trails there and headed back to the shop. I could feel the difference now - riding with the rear shock in v. locked. Still getting is used to the new bike - but riding better each time I am out.

Just ended the ride when my friend Chuck called - he wanted to come over for help picking out a bike. Took him to Xtreme Wheels, where he ended purchasing a Navigator 30.

From there - Trail work. I met Steve (Manawa Trail Leader) and Martin to clear the 3 dead falls and hopefully make repairs to the big tree crossing. Andrew (another rider from XW stopped by when working on the log crossing - helped with us.

When I got home I was tired - not mentioning sore legs. See how I feel today - if I am going to ride later.

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