Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday Night Ride (MTB)

FINALLY the weather cooperated and we were able to make our first Friday Night Ride of the season. Seven Riders headed out into the woods in the Lake Manawa Mountain Bike Trail.

We rode for nearly 2 hours. On the last lap through E Sidewinder, I really hit my lines. Good ride.

Blaine had procured some headlights for testing. Several lights were attached to handlebars and one on a helmet. As we were waiting for dark, it was time for a ride over the the convenience store for food and refreshments.

Back into the woods, this time with headlights. I found that I really prefer a "flood" light with a wide pattern. Will see what everyone has to say after the test.

A marathon riding day (for me). 10.5 miles for the Mayors Bike to Work ride then 20.5 miles at Manawa (mostly in the dirt). The magic Blaine made on the crank of my bike did the trick. Now I can hear tire noise, not a drive train noise. (Thanks, Blaine)


BLUEIF said...

Thanks for joining us!

NaugaBike said...

It was my pleasure.

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