Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Travel Day

Got an early start on he road this morning. Hated to miss the Wednesday Morning Ride, but had a 550 mile drive to Rapid City. Sky was clear until I got to near the Badlands - a shower came through. The rest of the day was mostly cloudy.

Detoured off the interstate to drive through the Badlands. Figured I might as well take a few photos on the way.

By the time time I got back to the interstate, it was time for a break. Bought ice cream for a afternoon snack and filled up my cup with ice water - from (where else) Wall Drug. Now, of course, you cannot claim to have been in South Dakota unless you have been at Wall Drug!

Weather forecast is not promising - thunderstorms and showers starting this night and through to Sunday morning. Watches for flash flooding in the area we are supposed to ride on Friday. URGH! Hope we can get in some saddle time.
Walk and Biking for Life Summit is on the agenda tomorrow. The summit is being held in conjuction the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival (which starts Friday).

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