Sunday, May 18, 2008

Platte River Battle Royale

yesterday, I needed a day off of the bike. So, did some yard work. It was needed. We did not have out Sunday Morning Ride (Dennis' bike is in the shop and John was recuperation from a wedding last night). I needed my bike/dirt fix!

Luckily, today was Platte River Battle Royale mountain bike race. Don't get fooled, I did not race - I took photos like I usually do.

Weather was great, the trail was in tip-top condition. Did some more experimenting - honing my photographic skills.

The photos are processed. (Many did not need any work.) Now I just need to post them to my web site. Trying to get that done before Black Hills Fat Tire Festival.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see one of my Wednesday morning riding buddies!! Thanks for being a GREAT ambassador of the sport of MTB biking.

Harp said...

As always I as well as many others appreciate your support and pictures you take during the race. Always look forward to seeing them. By the way did you know who the other guys where that were out on the course taking pictures on Sunday. Thanks again.

NaugaBike said...

The photos are on my web site.