Monday, May 19, 2008

Wabash Line

With 2 days off the bike, I just HAD to get out and ride. About 80 deg with a breeze from the NW. Drove down to Silver City.

Zach said he might be riding the Trace this afternoon. When I did not see his vehicle, I figured he was riding later. Stopped in Malvern for drink of juice and eating a granola bar. Rode through downtown to see if the coffee shop had changed its name - not yet.

Right there downtown Malvern - there's Zach and his friend Drew. I decided to ride with them to the next cross road. Heading to the Trace, Zach took a wrong turn, looked back what we were hollering about. Splat - Zach did a sider, dumping the bike. Me, did not think to grab the camera (Damn!). At least he wasn't hurt.

Drew took this photo of Zack and me. Thanks, Drew.

Good ride back to Silver City - little slower with into the wind. The 4300 rode like a champ.

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