Monday, May 5, 2008

Swanson River City Shootout

With the postponed race, I faced a bit of a quandary - I had also planned to work the Lake Manawa Clean-up Day. Even told our Trail Leader that I could cover for him. Thanks, Blaine, for helping me out of that bind.

I headed out for Swanson Park. It was a beautiful day Sunday for the race. The course was in tip-top shape.

T.H.O.R. set up a tent for our membership drive. We also had food and soda available. Tim and his crew were busy. New T.H.O.R. "Trail Crew" t-shirts, and the Spring issued of Dirt Tracks were also available.

What a turn-out for the race! I heard that some 151 racers registered. Awesome.

For the Beginner race, I found a new vantage point on the back hill. On the second lap. I set up at FireHouse Air - my favorite spot to photos. Then came the always popular Kid's Race.

With the Sport & Expert races underway, I found vantage points closer to the pavilion. I needed to near by to shoot the Beginner's Awards. After the awards, I headed back to FireHouse Air for some good air shots. Back into the woods closer to the pavilion, a couple more shots when the camera battery gave out. Switched that out and shot the Sport & Export Awards.

A busy day - looks like over 450 shots - now some time process the photos. Lastly, I will have to post them to my web site - sometime later this week.

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