Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Overcast Tuesday, was threatening rain, but the weatherman said not until later in the afternoon - if at all. Brought my trail bike with me for breakfast. After breakfast I drove to the Wabash Trace trailhead, heading toward Manawa to check out the MTB trail conditions. Solid, except for the ditch on E Sidewinder. Rode more than planned - did the East side. Temp in the 60s.

Wednesday dawned clear, crisp, and cool. Another good weather for our Wednesday Morning Ride. Once again, layers started to shed during the ride. My riding was not at its best. Still enjoyed the ride.

Today - Wow. What a beautiful day for a ride! After our computer coffee, it was time to get out and ride. Clear, sunny, no wind, in the 60s. Went to the bike shop, changed some clothes (did not need the long sleeves) and headed out up the Trace. Good pace up the hill and flew down. My old Trek 4300 LOVES riding the Trace. Over 13mph average! My best pace of the season (I rated the ride A+). Took a couple of photos - Spring has sprung on the Wabash Trace.

Lots of riding the rest of the week, and weather forecast to be great. Council Bluffs Mayor's Bike to Work Ride is in tomorrow morning. Friday Night MTB Ride at Manawa that evening. Bellevue Bike Club's Ride is Saturday. Sunday is our Ham Radio group Sunday Morning Ride and the Platte River Marathon race.

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