Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the Dirt Again

Well, was feeling good after my ride yesterday. With rain forecast for this evening and tomorrow, it was time to ride some singletrack.

This was my first full (my laps) 2 lap + warm/cool ride - 12.6 miles. Still getting used to the new trail bike. Some sections on the sidewinders I was riding at up to 12 mph! Then slower pace in the tight turns.

Minor crash on woodchopper. Never use the front disc brakes for panic stops! Just some dirt in my arm - that's all. Got back up and rode more. Thought of hopping a log on Fast Track - then dropped that idea, since I had crashed once already today!

Completed my goal - over 12 miles.

We are still getting some mushroom hunters (a guess) moving logs. I talked with one hunter during my ride. When I mentioned that the News was saying you can find mushrooms under rotting wood - he said that would be something novice hunters might think. Not true.

Only 2 weeks to my trip to Rapid City. Hope the snow is melting .

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