Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Ride

I felt to good from the ride yesterday, decided to bring the FX along for breakfast. After breakfast I headed from Hy-Vee (N 16th), down the river trail.

Had to check out the progress on the new bridge. Railings being installed.

Stopped at the Trail Center, then over to Indian Creek. Did not want to ride a full lap of CB, I rode North to S 16th.

Had to ride and check out the new diagonal link to South Expressway. The trail is done pretty well. The one thing I do not like, way too many street crossings. There are crosswalks painted on the street - no "bicycle crossing" sign nor bike stop signs.

Back up to S 16th, over the the new trail along the south side of the railroad yard. Finally, about a reverse of our Sunday Morning Ride route. Good ride - little over 15 miles.

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