Saturday, June 7, 2008


Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I was able to get out in the dirt. Last week, it was rainy most of the week. Trails were just about drying out when I headed to Wisconsin.

Here, it was been raining every day. Thursday I was able to get on the County North Shore Trail - Kenosha & Racine. Rode from my Mom's apartment to Racine (about 7 miles). The trail is crushed limestone. Trail surface was soft and standing water in spots. It is still a pretty good trail - once you get out of the cities.

Wanted to ride some singletrack - Petrifying Springs Park was closed for flooding, and threatening weather before I could drive to Bong State Park.

So, I headed on to Belgium Wisc. This morning I made a short rode ride with my hosts - 5.3 miles. That ride just made me want some DIRT!

Planned to ride in the Kettle Moriane State Park - about 30 miles away. Checked the web site. That said the trails are open - but the last update of trail conditions was on May 13th - 3 weeks old! The web site DID say trails in the area should dry out in 4-6 hours after rain.

Called the state park inquiring as to trail conditions at the Greenbush Trail area. When I called at 8:55, they had no idea, nor could they tell me when they could report on the conditions. They said they should be ridable, but was not sure.

When I got to the Long Lake entrance, they had no idea if the trails are open. She did call, and advised me that the trails were not ridable from the rains. Back 30 miles.

What was the problem with the Office at Mauthe Lake (which I had called). They should have been able to call the Ranger (or tell me to wait until after 9am when the Ranger comes on duty), saving the the gas and time to driver over, just to find the trails are closed. I will be sending in a Guest Comment Card to Wisconsin DNR.

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Cornbread said...

I feel your frustration. Looks like T.H.O.R. is gonna have plenty of work to do after the flood waters subside. Wilderness is in bad shape. Heard Manawa is too.

Hope all is well.