Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch-up Info

A week ago, I rode with friend's neighbor before driving to Mackinaw City. We rode to Harrington State Park. Jim gave me a tour of the park roads. Good ride - great start for the drive.

When I made it to Mackinaw City, I decided I wanted to drive the car as little as possible - preferring to ride my bike. Spent some time riding around the city to acquaint myself. I did have to drive the car to rake photos at the golf tournament.

Wednesday we toured Mackinac Island. After lunch, I grabbed my bike and rode around the island. The ride around the Island is 8 miles. Would have liked to ride more - explore some of the interior of the Island. Just not time that day, and did not have another day to ride there.

Thursday I was going to ride some dirt at Wilderness State Park. I wanted to check out the trails, buy any needed pass(es). Well, the park HQ was closed - and it was after 10am! What is it with DNR (Wisconsin and Michigan). Is there a conspiracy again me riding in the dirt?

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