Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Mac Shoreline Tour - Saturday

Since I was in Mackinaw City, I had signed up for the Spring Big Mac Shoreline Tour. The ride has 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles routes. I opted for the 25 miler. Great morning, sunny, about 70, light breeze.

My goal was to ride at 11 - 12 mph. I wanted to ride at my pace, not try to keep up with a pack. Ended up passing many riders, was passed by a couple (the speedy riders had left the hour earlier). Heart rate was mostly at about 110 bpm, up to 125 on the short hills. Even with the extra post ride, I averaged 11.3 mph.

After the ride, I rode with a couple women to show them where they will meet for the ride over the bridge on Sunday. Ended up with over 27 miles with the ride (short "25" miles, in town, and from/to hotel". Really pumped up after the tour ride.

I decided no way I wanted to ride over the bridge (yes, I COULD have ridden over the bridge). I am not fond of open heights and open grating on bridges.

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POLOSCAB said...

A couple hours out of Mackinaw city, I stopped at a bar to have cold brew. Thats from an old Bob Seger song. Its the only thing I knew about Mackinaw city, until your post.
I would not cross the bridge either, afraid of heieghts also.