Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ponca's Revenge

After an all to short night's sleep, Saturday morning I headed to Ponca State Park to shoot the mountain bike race. The weather was clear and pleasant - 70s in race time.

The field for the Beginner and Junior races was pretty small. There was only one wave to start. With that and the short (1-2 laps) races, I did nor get very many photos of that race.

Since the Revenge this year was not a marathon, the Kid's Race was run.

Pretty good turn-out for the Sport and Expert/Semi-Pro category. I found a couple spots to shoot the race. I am not pleased with the overall quality of the race photos. Some is the unfamiliarity of the race course. Other is I was just not on top form.

I am still working on the photos - when done they will be posted on my web site. (I also have the photos from my Army Reunion that need to be processed and posted).


NaugaBike said...

My photos of Ponca's Revenge are on my web site:

POLOSCAB said...

Great pictures!
The expressions you caught of the racers faces show how tough the race was, for some of us.
Nice work.